Promax Once-A-DayDigestive upsets are a common complaint for both cats and dogs and can cause both pet and owner a large amount of stress. However, there is an updated product available that can help ease the discomfort of digestive upsets for pets – Once-A-Day Promax.

Digestive upsets suffered by pets can be caused by a number of different factors, including stress, a change in diet, eating scraps and other inappropriate foods, parasites, bacteria and an inability to properly digest food. Promax Once-A-Day is made up of natural ingredients and helps to reduce the effects of a digestive upset help restore intestinal function to normal.

Previously, Promax was only available as six packs of 10ml and 20ml syringes. This made it an expensive option for pet owners with only one pet to treat who had a short term digestive problem. Promax Once-A-Day is available as a single 9ml, 18ml or 30ml syringe and each syringe size is tailored to a different breed, based on the pet’s weight. Each syringe is also colour coded to make it easier for the pet owner to recognise which syringe is best suited to their pet. The yellow, 9ml syringe is suitable for cats and for dogs under 10kg and provides three 3ml doses; the orange, 18ml syringe is suitable for dogs weighting between 10 and 25kg and provides three 6ml doses; and the red, 30ml syringe is suitable for dogs over 25kg and provides three 10ml doses. In addition, each syringe has the dosage measurements marked on it for ease of administration and to minimise wastage.

Promax Once-A-Day is manufactured in the UK to pharmaceutical standards and is a triple action formula. It contains an EU registered probiotic that rapidly multiplies in the gut, reducing the acidity of the gut and stopping the growth of harmful bacteria, as well as a prebiotic that binds harmful bacteria so that it cannot attach to the gut lining. Furthermore, Promax One-A-Day contains montmorillonite, which is special clay that binds bacteria, toxins and viruses stopping them from causing further damage to the digestive system. It also contains glutamine, which provides vital energy to the cells lining the intestine, helping to reduce damage and speed recovery.

Promax One-A-Day provides pet owners with a real solution to their pets’ digestive problems and is more reasonably priced than the previous Promax product offering. Promax One-A-Day, alongside a whole host of other pet products - such as nutritional supplements for dogs and nutritionally tailored dog and cat food - is available at a competitive price here at Vetpharmacy.