Pet Remedy Plug-In Diffuser (Dogs, Cats, Horses & Small Animals)

Pet Remedy Plug-In Diffuser (Dogs, Cats, Horses & Small Animals)

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Natural De-stressing & Calming plug-in diffuser for dogs, cats, horses and small animals.
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  • Pet Remedy Plug-In Diffuser (Dogs, Cats, Horses & Small Animals)
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Pet Remedy Plug-In Diffuser (Natural De-stressing & Calming Aid)

Natural De-stressing & Calming plug-in diffuser

Plug in and you will notice a difference as the de-stressing properties are slow-released into the surrounding area

Ped Remedy is a new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety using slow release technology.  A unique treatment of Valerian essential oil, blended with Vetivert, Basil Sweet & Sage

Just relaxes, but non sedating.

Pet Remedy is a special blend of Valerian and other essential oils (vetivert, basil sweet and sage). The potent de-stress and calming properties of these essential oils are diffused into the surrounding area by the plug-in, helping to reduce stress and anxiety in your pet.

Pet Remedy Diffuser is ideal for all pets including dog stress, cat stress, rodents, horses, all other mammals and birds (It will also have equally beneficial effects on humans!)

Coverage up to 60m² (650sq. ft), Lasts up to 6 weeks.  Refill packs available.

Instructions for use:
Unscrew bottle cap and insert bottle firmly into plug-in diffuser.
Leave switched on for duration of treatment which is 6 - 8 weeks.
When using travel diffuser, remove plug in from socket and
carefully pull out the bottle. Squeeze 2 - 3 drops of liquid
onto the diffuser pad.

Stress can be triggered by:
  • Fireworks
  • New pet in home
  • New home
  • Changes in home
  • Loud noises
  • Travel/Visit to Vets
  • Loss of companion
  • Change in routine
  • Alone at home
Signs of stress include:
  • Behaviour change
  • Spraying/soiling
  • Over grooming
  • Lack of interaction
  • Loss of appetite
  • Scratching
  • Aggression

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