Intestinal worms can be a big problem for your pet and through their presence they can cause vomiting and diarrhoea in both cats and dogs. Here, Vetpharmacy takes a deeper look at the issue of worms in cats and dogs...

Worms varying feeding habits can also damage an animal’s health in different ways. Tapeworms, for instance, anchor themselves to the gut wall and feed on the animal’s blood. Not surprisingly, a heavy infestation can cause anaemia, lethargy, loss of appetite and a dull lifeless coat. Roundworms, which live freely in the gut and live off the contents, can cause a similar range of symptoms and are particularly threatening to puppies and kittens.

It is fairly well known that the dog roundworm can infect humans, and children in particular, who typically pick up the worm eggs from contaminated soil, infected sandpits being a common source. The worm larvae migrate through the body, and if they find themselves behind the retina, they can cause permanent damage to the child’s eyesight. The risk can be minimised by worming your pets regularly, to prevent further contamination of the environment. You should always remember to use a poop-scoop, and dispose of your dog’s faeces responsibly.

It is very difficult to prevent worm infection in both cats and dogs. However there are two steps that every pet owner can take to protect against worm infection and stop the damage that worms can cause to your pet’s health, as well as preventing the spread of worm eggs within the environment. Both of these steps can be achieved through the use of dog and cat worming tablets, such as Drontal, which is available here at Vetpharmacy.

Drontal worming tablets not only kill worms before they can cause any serious health problems for your pet, but it also kills them before they reach maturity and start producing eggs. Although there are a wide range of worming tablets available, Drontal is the only wormer that is able to kill every type of intestinal worm which is commonly found within cats and dogs in the UK. Drontal is also prescribed twice as often as all other wormers put together by UK vets. Drontal is clearly trusted by the professionals, making it a brand that you know you can trust too.