how to cool a cat down


Although cats tolerate heat better than humans, they nevertheless suffer in hot weather. When you're warm, or even hot, your cat is likely to feel the same way. Continue reading to learn how to cool your cat down during summer.

Cats are more susceptible to heat stroke and hyperthermia on hot, humid, or very warm days.

Signs that you need to cool your cat down

If your cat shows any of the following symptoms—especially if it’s warm outside—they might be at risk for diseases associated with heat:

- Panting
- Restlessness
- A fast heartbeat
- Gums that are dark red or grey in colour
- Lethargy
- A rise in body temperature
- Excessive vocalising


how to cool a cat down

What's the natural way to cool a cat down?

In hot weather, cats use a combination of these methods to stay cool:

1. Find a shaded or cool spot: A cat might prefer hanging out on the laundry room's cold tile floors or beneath the bed to avoid direct sunshine.

2. Sweat glands on cats' paws help them stay cool by allowing them to sweat. On extremely hot days, though, they may require a variety of cooling strategies.

3. Cats lick their fur to cool down; as a result, your cat might groom more in the heat. The cooling impact of saliva evaporating from the cat's fur is comparable to that of sweat escaping from a human's skin.

4. Panting: overheating may cause your cat to start panting. Rapid breathing, comparable to panting in a dog, helps saliva to drip from their tongue, hence cooling them down.

What is the best way to cool a cat down in the summer?

Here are a few tips for keeping your feline companion cool during summer

1. Ensure that your cat is well-groomed

Brushing your cat frequently during summer will help keep them cool since their coat will be free of tangles. If your cat has long fur, it's also a good idea to have it professionally cut for the summer.

2. Use a moist washcloth to rub your cat

Cool down your cat by gently petting them with a moist paper towel or washcloth on hot days. And we all understand how much a good pat means to a cat.


How to cool a cat down


3. Make use of a little box fan to cool your cat down

Put a small box fan on the floor near an open window or an air conditioner to provide a pleasant breeze for your cat. Put a frozen water bottle in front of the fan for further cooling power.

4. Keep a supply of fresh water around the house

In the summer, cats, like humans, need to stay hydrated. Leaving fresh water bowls around the house will encourage them to drink more frequently. It's important to remember to replace the water on a daily basis.

5. During the day, close the curtains and blinds

To keep the house cool, close all window covers. It will not only make your cat happy, but it will also reduce your air conditioning expenses.

6. Leave cold flooring exposed

If your cat is spread out on the bathroom or kitchen floor, don't be surprised. In the heat, cats like cool surfaces, so try rolling the bath mat or rug away.

7. Raise your cat's bed

Consider getting a cat bed that has a cloth covering with metal or short plastic legs for better ventilation. Your cat will stay cooler thanks to the air moving beneath the bed.

8. Make your pet a 'cool water bottle'

Fill a drink bottle with water and freeze it overnight to turn your cat's favourite lounging area into a cooled sanctuary. Wrap the bottle in a towel and set it in place in the morning for a comfortable cat nap.

Ensure that your cat is also hydrated with wet food. You can even put water into their food to keep them hydrated. You can shop online at Vet Pharmacy for wet food and other cat products.

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