dogs & fireworks

While fireworks might be entertaining for humans with their dazzling flashes and thunderous booms, dogs may find them to be unsettling, perplexing, or even scary. Therefore, it's crucial to be aware of any dog afraid of loud noises and keep an eye on how they're coping. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any other festive event where there are loud booms and crackles of fireworks filling the air. Keep reading to find out more about dogs & fireworks.

Why are dogs affected by fireworks?

Fireworks produce loud sounds

Dogs can hear really well. You may imagine how sensitive a dog is to firecrackers if they react by fleeing when they hear a food wrapper crinkling from another area of the house.

Fireworks generate a loud, sudden noise that many dogs find unsettling, much like thunder and lightning.

dogs & fireworks

Dogs find fireworks to be unpredictable

A lot of the time, before fireworks are set off, people anticipate them. Many of these people anxiously await to ignite them or attend a firework show on a holiday.

Dogs, meanwhile, lack any kind of context. They see it as just another day, and when the loud sounds and flashing lights begin, they have no idea why.

Dogs can't get acclimated to the loud noises and lights flashing since they sound and appear different every time and appear at seemingly random intervals.

They feel threatened by them

Many dogs see fireworks as a threat due to their noise and unpredictable nature. Their fight-or-flight reflex is set off by this. Your dog can bark in response to the noises or attempt to flee and hide. They might also exhibit other symptoms of anxiousness, such as agitation, panting, pacing, or whimpering.

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Are all dogs affected by fireworks?

Although not all dogs are frightened by fireworks, it's vital to keep in mind that your dog will follow your lead. If you make a big deal out of fireworks when your dog is normally quiet, they can gradually start to feel anxious about them. Try to maintain your dog's composure while also keeping your own.


How do I calm my dog down after fireworks?


Keep your dog indoors

Even if your four-legged friend spends most of the time outside, keep them indoors during fireworks displays. This will stop them from fleeing out of fear, which could put them at risk.

Create a secure space

Assuming your dog is crate-trained, ensure that they have access to their crate, which is likely already a safe place for them. If not, place them in a small room such as a restroom, with white noise or music to help block out the boom of explosions.

Consider a calming wrap

These shirts, vests, and wraps deliver gentle, continuous pressure. This is comforting and pleasant to many dogs.

Try to desensitise them beforehand

Try practising with your dog well before holidays (where there are loud noises from fireworks) to get them used to loud noises. Playing low-volume fireworks noises while interacting with your dog and rewarding them with treats can serve as a good starting point for this approach. Raise the fireworks' sound during these playtimes gradually over time.

Ensure they're microchipped and are wearing a collar

If your dog flees in terror, it's crucial that people easily recognise them and get in touch with you. It is always wise to get them microchipped well before such holidays.

What can I give my dogs to calm them down from fireworks?

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