Is your dog refusing medicine? Many individuals are unsure of how to administer medicine to their dogs. A dog will spit out a plain pill if you give it to them. They will struggle and fight if you try to force them down their throat. However, if you make it into a pleasant treat, they will devour it! Continue reading to find out how to handle a dog refusing to take medicine.

Giving medicine to a dog that doesn't like to eat can be difficult. You can't miss the medications in that scenario because it will impair your sick dog's health. There's no reason to be concerned! The following are some of the best tips for getting a dog to swallow a pill, which will make your job much easier.

How do I get my dog to stop refusing to take medicine?

When it comes to giving your dog tablets, you can use treats to get a pill into their system. Giving medication to a dog that bites is easy when you use food. You can toss the treat into their mouth and have them catch it.

This method's effectiveness is contingent on your ability to seal the pill within the treat. Your dog will reject the pill if they feel or taste it inside the food. The more odoriferous and tasty the meal is, the more likely your dog will swallow the medication.

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Here are a few of the most effective methods for concealing medication.

1. Use peanut butter

One of the most prevalent strategies for pill concealment is using a spoon to scoop out a dollop of peanut butter, roll it up, and place a pill in the centre. Use crunchy peanut butter for the best results; the pieces of peanuts will cover the hard pill inside.

2. Plain yoghurt

It's a little messier than peanut butter, but the concept is the same. Place the pill inside a dollop of yoghurt that has been spooned out. Thick yoghurt is better since it is more likely to hide the pill as it is swallowed.

3. Perform a trick for a treat

By diverting your dog with an enjoyable pastime, you can persuade them to swallow a tablet. You may gather some treats and toss them up in the air for your dog to catch. It's a good idea to put the medication inside one of the snacks.

Toss them a few of the non-pill treats first, then the one with the pill, and finally the last few drug-free nibbles. Throw the treats as soon as your dog finishes the last one, so they don't have time to think before swallowing and getting ready for the next.

4. Use a tablet aide for a dog refusing to take medicine

There are pill guns that make it simple to provide pills to cats and dogs. The pill is inserted into the syringe, which is then filled with water. When water is ejected into the animal's mouth, it pushes the pill to the rear of the mouth, making it easier to swallow without feeling the tablet’s taste.

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Why is your dog refusing to take medicine?

Some dogs and cats are picky eaters and refuse to be fooled by pharmaceutical foods. It's not uncommon for pets to spit out pills after eating pharmaceutical food or treats or to entirely refuse them. Dietary restrictions may also limit the use of certain meals or treats.

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