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It's crucial to take proper care of your horse's joints to avoid future issues. The majority of horse owners are aware that taking regular care of their horse's legs, feet, and back can help prevent any future issues and extend their working life. Many people, however, neglect taking good care of their joints, which could have an effect on all of these areas. Keep reading to learn more about Cortaflex for horses and other products.

How can I look after my horse's joints?

Joints are subjected to tension and wear from daily activities, so it's critical to recognise any possible issues early. Ongoing joint care can reduce the chance of issues or injuries, promote fitness, and enhance overall performance.

Managing your horse’s mobility

A horse with mobility concerns can be handled in a variety of ways. Here are some of our suggestions:

- Make sure to include enough warm-up and cool-down sessions while training any horse. This is especially important if they have a joint-related issue, as this will assist in keeping joints flexible and lower the risk of damage or friction happening.
- Keep in mind that your horse's joints will be put under more stress if you are competing, working quickly, or riding over difficult terrain, so try to limit this rigorous activity whenever you can.
- Stretching exercises incorporated into your horse or pony's routine can help keep them flexible and comfortable.

cortaflex for horses

It's crucial to understand what puts extra strain on joints and how to reduce it because, when it comes to joints, prevention is always preferable to cure. It is crucial to warm up before exercise and cool down after it. This keeps joints flexible and lowers the risk of injury or friction. Competitions definitely have an effect, so if you are competing, be mindful of the ground quality. Your horse's joints will be more stressed by hard ground or terrain that is rougher than it is accustomed to.

Giving the horse enough time to recover from demanding exercise or competition will help to lower the likelihood of long-term issues. When training, progressively assist your horse in developing resistance on various surfaces. This will help prevent injuries, keep joints flexible, and ultimately enhance their condition.

Nutritional support

For horses who are at risk of developing joint issues or who already have them, adding a joint supplement to their diet can significantly improve their condition. The most important ingredient to look for in a joint supplement is glucosamine. It promotes joint mobility by keeping cartilage and joints lubricated. Other important ingredients include MSM, which works in conjunction with glucosamine to promote overall joint health, and Omega Oils, which support and maintain the immune system.

What is Cortaflex for horses used for?

A safe, all-natural method for healthy joints, Cortaflex is a dietary supplement for horses' joints. It is designed for horses with arthritis and issues with joint mobility.

cortaflex for horses

Are Cortaflex products for horses good for joint care?

You will discover that you have a wide range of options when you begin looking for the best horse joint supplement. Several compounds found in glucosamine supplements for horses can help boost their health.

You can pick a joint supplement including glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, or hyaluronic acid based on your horse's requirements. These components have anti-inflammatory properties.

Get in touch with us to learn more about horse joint problems. You can also shop online at Vet Pharmacy for the best horse joint care products.


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Updated September 2022