how to clean dog ears infection

Grooming is important to the health and happiness of dogs, just as it is to humans. You can clean dog ears at home, unlike some canine health routines such as teeth cleaning and nail trimming, which are often the responsibility of professionals. Make sure you consult your veterinarian before you begin cleaning your dog's ears. The frequency of cleaning depends on your pet's breed, age, coat, and level of activity. Keep reading to find out how to clean dog ears infection.

It is generally recommended that dogs' ears be cleaned once a month. Swimming should be done more often if your dog enjoys it.

What is a dog’s ear infection?

Pets with long, floppy ears are particularly susceptible to ear infections. Therefore, the symptoms of dog ear infections are very familiar to most dog owners. The most common symptoms include:

  • Excessive scratching and itching at the ear

  • Head shaking, especially when it looks unnatural or awkward

  • Redness and swelling around the ear canal

  • Scabs over the skin in the ears

  • Scratching the affected ear

  • Unusual discharge & odour

An ear canal of a dog is much more vertical compared to that of a human. Due to its L-shape, it is more prone to fluid accumulation and disruption from bacteria, ear mites, and yeast - all of which can cause infections. There are 3 commonly known types of infections that affect dogs:

  • Otitis externa - usually affects the outer section of the ear.

  • Otitis media - affects the mid-section of the ear canal. It’s usually a secondary development in almost 50% of long term otitis externa cases.

  • Otitis interna - refers to an inner ear infection that can cause neurological damage.

It is possible for dogs to suffer from serious ear infections, resulting in facial paralysis or hearing loss. A dog's ear infection is treated and managed through medication, cleaning, and aftercare.

how to clean dog ears infection

Can I clean dog ears infection at home?

Cleaning your dog's ears at home is simple and easy if you have a few critical supplies: an ear-cleaning solution recommended by a vet, cotton rounds or balls, and treats to make the entire process a bit interesting-and to reward your dog once it's done!

It may be tempting to use products you already have on hand to make a DIY ear-cleaning solution, but sticking with veterinarian-approved ear cleaners is always the best choice. If you consult your vet, they can determine the best dog ear cleaner for your dog based on his or her needs: Some products break down wax more efficiently, while others combat fungi and bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and alcohol should not be used to clean your dog's ears because they can irritate the delicate tissue inside them.

Check out more on how to clean your dog's ear in this video:

How to clean dog ears infection – Step by step

Here are a few simple steps to follow when cleaning your dog's ears.

  1. Get your tools together. Prepare yourself with towels and the appropriate clothing, as well as gauze pads or cotton balls and ear wash solution.

  2. Start with grooming. If your dog has very hairy ears, you should get them shaved before cleaning them. Make sure that ear canals and ear flaps are free of matted hair.

  3. Restrain your dog. Place your dog on a table and wrap your arm around them if they are small enough.

  4. Use ear wash solution. Fill up your dog's inner ear with an ear wash solution using the ear flap as a funnel. Be careful not to insert the bottle tip directly into the dog's ear.

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