Hills Feline K/D Pouches 4x12x85g Wet Food (Salmon)

Hills Feline k/d is for the nutritional management of cats with kidney disorders.
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Hills Feline K/D Pouches 4x12x85g Wet Food (Salmon) NEW:@@:


Hills Feline K/D Pouches  (New Salmon) - Wet Food

Hills Feline k/d is for the Nutritional Management of Cats with Kidney Disorders.  There are many causes for kidney disorders (also called kidney or renal disease) resulting in a variety of uncomfortable and even life threatening symptoms for your cat. Kidney disease can be either sudden (acute) or occur very gradually (chronic).

Hills Prescription Diet Feline k/d
has been specially formulated by veterinarians to help manage kidney disease in cats. Kidney disease may develop because of other diseases or changes in health, breed/hereditary tendencies and even nutritional factors. Signs of kidney disease don’t usually appear until more than two-thirds of kidney function are lost.

Recommended for:
Chronic kidney disease
Cardiac insufficiency
Urate urolithiasis and cystine urolithiasis

Please seek advice from your Vet before using this food.

Not recommended for:
Pregnant or lactating queens
Cats with sodium depletion
Additional information
Clinically proven in a 2-year study that cats fed k/d Feline showed significantly fewer uraemic episodes and a reduced mortality rate.

KEY FEATURES                          KEY BENEFITS


Protein         High quality &         Helps reduce accumulation of toxic protein-breakdown products whilst
                  reduced quantity     meeting essential requirement for protein. Decreases urinary 
                                              concentration of constituents of urate and cystine uroliths.
Non-protein   Increased              Helps ensure adequate energy intake and avoid protein catabolism.

Phosphorus    Reduced                Helps slow progression of kidney disease.
Dietary          Increased              Helps counteract metabolic acidosis.

Omega-3 fatty    Supplemented    Helps improve renal blood flow.
acids (fish oil)

Sodium           Reduced              Helps slow the progression of kidney disease. 
                                              Limits fluid retention in heart disease.
Soluble fibre   Increased             Helps decrease ammonia reabsorption in the bowel. 
                                             Helps lower blood urea level.
B-complex     Increased             Combats increased urinary losses due to polyuria.
Superior        Added                  Neutralises free radicals to support kidney function.

Feeding Guide:

These ranges are a starting point only, because cats needs vary.  Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.

Body weght kg      Pouches 85g
2                        1 1/3 - 2
3                        2 - 2 2/3
4                        2 1/3 - 3 1/4
5                        2 3/4 - 4
6                        3 1/4 - 4 1/2
7 +                     1/2 per kg

Mixed Feeding Guide:
Body weight kg    k/d pouch    k/d dry grams
2                      1                15
3                      1                25
4                      1                35
5                      2                25
6                      2                35
7 +                   2                 7 per kg 

Please seek advice from your Vet before using this food.

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