Onychotin Capsules (Biotin) 100's
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Onychotin Capsules (Biotin) 100's

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Onychotin Biotin capsules provide a concentrated source of biotin,
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  • Onychotin Capsules (Biotin) 100's
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Onychotin Capsules (Biotin) 100's
Onychotin is a natural supplement which encourages healthy nail growth and helps to strengthen nails and smooth brittle ridges and is well tolerated by all dogs.
Onychotin Biotin capsules provide a concentrated source of biotin, which has been shown to maintain the healthy growth of nails and is a suitable supplement for dogs with poor or weak nail growth. The recommended rate is one capsule per dog per day, regardless of the dog's size.
Onychotin contains 2.5mg of biotin to strengthen weak and brittle nails.
A variety of factors can lead to brittle nails including:
Repeated trauma when the nail is chewed.
Repeated wetting of the nail as will occur with constant licking.
Infectious or immune mediated attack at the nail bed
Improvement in nail condition will typically take 3-6 months.
Biotin, rice flour base, HPMC capsule shell.
Crude Fibre - 3%
Protein - 7.4%
Crude Ash - 0.5%
Oils & Raw Fats - 1.8%

Feeding guidelines
Feed 1 capsule per day for all sizes of dog.

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