Hills Feline M/D 24x156g Minced

Hills Feline M/D 24x156g Minced

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Prescription Diet Feline m/d is an alternative diet for weight loss in cats, is low in carbohydrate and high in protein.
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  • Hills Feline M/D 24x156g Minced
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Prescription Diet Feline m/d is an alternative diet for weight loss in cats, and is low in carbohydrate, high in protein. Also with the highest levels of L-Carnitine, Hills Prescription Diet Feline m/d works with the cat`s unique metabolism to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass without excess stool. Added fiber helps to increase satiety.

A clinical study shows that Hills Prescription Diet Feline m/d, which is low in carbohydrate and high in protein, helps manage cats with diabetes.


Finding the right solution for weight loss means that every overweight cat has the opportunity to improve its quality of life.

• Up to 50% of cats are considered overweight or obese

• Along with an increased risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, arthritis and liver disease, obese cats are four times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus

• Traditional calorie restriction works effectively for many cats; however, like humans, some cats respond better to a metabolic approach for weight loss

• Finding a diet tailored to the needs of individual cats is critical for reliable weight loss

Two nutritional approaches to weight loss

Caloric approach: The conventional approach to weight loss relies on reducing the fat and calorie intake whilst increasing fibre levels to help the cat feel full.

Metabolic approach: An alternative approach is based on significantly restricting carbohydrate levels to achieve weight loss, by switching metabolism to the utilisation of stored fat as the main source of energy.


New Hills Prescription Diet Feline m/d - the first and only range of low carbohydrate, high protein, diets for the management of diabetes in cats.

Experts agree that low carbohydrate, high protein diets are beneficial for cats with diabetes mellitus. Hill`s Prescription Diet Feline m/d combines these features with those of increased fibre to better manage diabetic cats:

• Better regulation of blood glucose levels

• Reduced levels of total cholesterol

• Improved insulin sensitivity

• Up to 50% lower insulin requirement

• Around one third of cats are able to discontinue insulin therapy completely

• Changes metabolism to reduce excess body fat
Please consult your Vet before purchasing this products.

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