horse grooming brush

It's time to switch up your horse grooming regimen now that autumn is almost here and the cooler weather is coming. Regular grooming is a crucial component of equestrian care. A key factor in ensuring your horse's health and wellbeing is proper care. Keep reading to find out the best horse grooming brush.

What horse grooming brush and tools do you need?

The following are tools to help in the horse grooming process.

- Curry Comb. A curry comb is typically the first tool that you will use in your day-to-day grooming
- Dandy or Hard Brush
- Hoof Pick
- Soft Brush
- Face Brush
- Mane & Tail Brush
- Shedding Blade
- Coat Conditioners & Detanglers

horse grooming brush

What is the best way to groom a horse?

Curry combing and brushing using a horse grooming brush

Long, thick hairs that need more care will start to replace your horse's shiny summer coat as it starts to fade. Use grooming tools to evenly distribute the natural oils in your horse's coat in order to achieve the best results.

A curry comb is the ideal equine grooming item for body grooming. They are generally designed for ease of use, efficiency, and comfort for both the horse and the groomer. To remove loose hair, dirt, debris, and other particles from beneath your horse's coat surface, use this rubber-made short-toothed horse grooming brush. Additionally, it can increase the skin's natural oil production and healthy blood flow when used in a circular motion.

It is beneficial to pause sometimes while using a curry brush to remove dirt and stray hairs off your horse.


It's ideal to give your horse one last bath before the winter weather arrives in full force. Use an incredibly soft shampoo and follow up with a conditioner when doing this. It's crucial to preserve their natural oils since they will work as a natural defence and shine for their coat as it grows.

horse grooming brush

Check the hooves of your horse

Throughout the year, it's essential to remove dirt, mud, stones, gravel, and other debris from your horse's hooves. If left unattended to the hooves can result in discomfort, lameness and infection.

The sole of a horse's hoof is cleaned out using a hoof pick, a hooked instrument with a handle that is often constructed of metal or plastic. Simply elevate the horse's foot so that the debris is accessible at the bottom of the hoof, and then remove it by picking it up from heel to toe.

Trim leg hair with a horse grooming brush

It's ideal to trim your horse's leg hair if the weather causes the terrain to become more muddy and wet.

It's also recommended that you ensure your horse is free of worms for them to stay healthy and active. Learn more about horse worming in our previous blog post here:

Horse Worming

Horse touching

What to Consider When Grooming

Breaking down the many sections that need grooming might help make the entire process more manageable.

Use a high-quality comb to begin grooming your horse's body. There are many different types of combs available for removing dead hair and dirt. Make sure you make small circular strokes with the comb, beginning at the neck and moving across the body.

It's important to use quality shampoo to ensure the safety of your horse. Below is one of the best shampoos that we recommend.

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Updated 18/8/22


This blog post was written on behalf of Vet Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.