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You should always provide your horse with a proper home when caring for them. Horses require access to shelter and a lot of outside space for exercise. To keep them happy and healthy, they also require dry places to stand or lay down. Keep reading to find out how to clean a horse stable.

How do you clean & maintain cleanliness in your horse stable?

There are many microorganisms that will thrive in a stable environment depending on the conditions, therefore having your horse's stable in excellent repair is crucial to ensuring their health and safety.

How to maintain cleanliness

1. Keep your stables tidy by cleaning them out every day. This is obviously the most important thing to do because it not only extends the lifespan of the stable construction but also keeps the horses healthy.
2. Take into account the bedding in the stable because it greatly affects how quickly it can be cleaned out. For instance, if your horse sleeps on straw bedding, dung can easily be lost beneath the first layer, making it more difficult to move all the straw around. By contrast, shavings are easy to sift through and allow you to detect any patches that require removal by changing colour.
3. Find the most efficient equipment possible for cleaning out the stable. You should also take into account the type of bedding. A bedding fork with closely spaced prongs is easier to use when using shavings or wood pellets as bedding as opposed to straw, which requires the use of a pitchfork.
4. To improve ventilation while cleaning the stables, open all windows and doors.
5. You may need to periodically strip the stable, taking everything out until the floor is clear. Remove the remaining bedding with a shovel before using disinfectant. You should allow the floor to completely dry before adding new bedding. If this isn't possible, keep the area empty until you are ready to bring your horse inside, giving it some time to dry out.
6. To prevent any undesired old leftovers from being carried from stable to stable or even the store room, regularly hose off your cleaning-out apparatus and occasionally disinfect it. You can also deodorise it to make it cleaner for others who use the stables.

clean horse stable

When should you deep clean your horse's stable?

If your horses stay indoors for some part of the day, stables should be mucked out twice daily, at the very least. This typically takes every horse 15 minutes in the morning and 5–10 minutes during the evenings.

What can I use to clean my horse's stable?

Allow the stable to air dry after cleaning it with a detergent. Apply disinfectant to the floor and walls after diluting it as directed by the manufacturer. A garden sprayer or hand-held sprayer can be used for this. When handling disinfectants, always be sure to wear the appropriate protective clothing.

After using the disinfectant, avoid washing the stable with water.

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Updated November 2022