cat treats in the uk

Your cat may regularly ask for treats and giving them a few now and then is fine, but you don't want to encourage excessive treat consumption. Healthy cat snacks are flavour-impressive, low in additives, and high in protein. Most are packaged in modest sizes. Are you looking for cat treats in the UK? Continue reading for more information on where to get the best treats.

Why give your cat treats?

Treats can be an important aspect of training for cats who are motivated by food. You can entice your cat with treats to do things like utilise a crate, go on a harness, or exercise on a running wheel.

However, according to veterinary professionals, treats should make up no more than 10% of a cat's daily caloric intake. However, some nutritious treats—like those with just one ingredient and high protein content—can be distributed more liberally. Any treats you buy should have feeding guidelines and nutritional information.

What are the healthiest cat treats in the UK?

Whatever your cat's nutritional requirements, you can discover a healthy treat to provide as a special reward or comfort food. The single-ingredient treats let you choose the type of protein your cat can safely eat if it has food allergies. If your cat struggles with tartar, seek crunchy dental treats that offer some cleaning action.

cat treats in the uk

How often should you give treats?

Some people use goodies to train cats or reward good behaviour. Others make use of them to express their affection or to fortify their connection with the animal.

As long as you keep rewards to no more than 10% of their daily calories, there is no restriction on how frequently you can provide them. Giving no treats is also acceptable. Keep in mind that cats respond well to various types of praise and affection, such as more time spent playing with you.

How to groom a cat

Although the majority of cats can groom themselves, medium to long-haired cats may benefit from additional grooming. Therefore, this is a wonderful way for any cat owner to develop a relationship with their pet.

Regardless of the length of your cat's coat, frequent grooming will help keep it in good shape and has several advantages:

- Grooming your cat encourages the skin to create oils that give its coat a healthy gloss and help to improve muscle tone.
- When grooming itself, your cat will shed some hair, but with daily assistance from you, you may get rid of the majority of the loose hair. This helps in preventing matting and hairball formation.
- When you groom your cat, you have the chance to quickly examine it. You can do this by paying particular attention to its ears, eyes, and mouth, and looking for fleas, ticks, ear mites, lumps, or pimples.
- If carried out properly, grooming your cat may be soothing for both of you. Consequently, this is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

cat treats in the uk

Which cat grooming products are best?

There are many different kinds of cat grooming products available for purchase. Understanding what each sort of cat grooming product does will help you choose the one that is ideal for your cat.

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Updated October 2022