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Giving your dog the resources they need can help them live a healthy and long life. Many dog owners wait too long to check their dog’s joint health issues, which is usually an important part of their general health. You may even be required to give your dog a torn ligament treatment in some cases where an injury occurs. That’s why it’s important to give your dog Synoquin supplements for healthier joints. Keep reading to find out more and shop our range of supplements in London and across the UK online.

If dogs experience joint pain, their movements are reduced, which can cause weight gain and increased risk of systemic complications. Below are a number of action steps you can apply to keep your dog free from joint issues, as well as other general health problems.

Regular exercise

It’s important that your dog gets regular exercise for a number of reasons. However, keeping their joints active, healthy, and strong is one of the most important. The chances of your dog experiencing joint issues will be higher if the dog isn’t moving around regularly.

Walking around outside during the summer months can be a problem for some dogs, such as staffies, depending on the situation of their joints.

Luckily, other types of exercise, such as underwater treadmills and swimming, are provided as part of physiotherapy and assist in minimising the pressure on the dog’s joints.

Actually, swimming applies little or no pressure on the dog’s joints. Staffies should be handled with precaution as they are known to be weak swimmers. A 20-minute swimming session is equivalent to a running exercise.


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Avoid slippery floors

Slippery floors can cause serious complications to a dog’s joints due to skidding all across the floor. An easy way to avoid any injuries if you already have tiles is to invest in some rugs.

Unfortunately, if you are a dog owner, you are probably aware of the hardships of puppies and rugs as they leave you sorting out the mess.

On the other hand, rugs are much easier on your dog’s joints than a hardwood floor or something slick like laminate flooring; you don’t want your dog skidding across the floor when running into the kitchen for a treat.

Placing rugs around the house will reduce the chances of your dog’s joints hitting a dangerous surface that can result in injuries to the joints.

Give your dog a healthy diet and Synoquin for Dogs

Giving your dog a healthy diet and some Synoquin Joint Supplement will ensure that it’s not overweight, which eases the pressure in the joints. Just like humans, excess weight means excess pressure on the joints, making it even more difficult for your dog to exercise. Now, you’ll have to include weight issues in your list of problems.

Therefore, it’s vital that you give your dog the diet it needs at the right amounts from day 1.

Joint supplements for dogs

There are a number of supplements such as Synoquin for Dogs that you can include in your dog’s diet to reduce the chances of having joint problems.

These supplements work together with your dog’s diet to improve joint function and create a defence against joint issues in the future.

Below are some of the best supplements that we recommend:


Synoquin Chewable Tablets (Small Breed)

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Synoquin joint supplement tablets for dogs are a nutritional supplement and encourage the healthy growth and maintenance of cartilage and healthy joint formation.

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Synoquin Chewable Tablets (Medium Breed)

Synoquin Joint Supplement

Synoquin Chewable Tablets 120's Medium Breed Dog is a chondroprotective feed supplement for medium-sized dogs weighing between 10-25kg.

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Synoquin Large Breed Capsules

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