Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk

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Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk is for the nutritional management of orphaned puppies, insufficient milk from the bitch, agalactia and mastitis.
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Baby Dog Milk for the nutritional management of:

- Orphaned puppies

- Insufficient milk from the bitch

- Agalactia

- Mastitis

Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk is available in 400g or 2kg.  Includes graduated wide-neck feeding bottle, three variable-flow teats and measuring spoon

Harmonius growth

For steady harmonious growth, the composition of Babydog milk is as close as possible to the bitch's milk, with high energy and protein levels.
Digestive safety

Babydog milk contains carefully selected ultra-digestible proteins, and has a lactose content very close to that of maternal milk. It is particularly suitable for the puppy's digestive system, because it does not contain starch. Finally, the addition of Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS) helps maintain a health balance of digestive flora.
Instant milk

Thanks to its exclusive formula, Babydog milk dissolves instantly and completely, with no sediment, creating a totally homogenous formula.
Docosahexaenoic acid is quantitatively the most important
polyunsaturated fatty acid in the mammalian brain and retina.
At birth and during growth, a puppy’s immature brain has a
high DHA requirement.
DHA naturally present in maternal milk, helps support in the
development cognitive function, and so Babydog milk is
enriched with DHA.

Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk for all dogs - From birth to 2 months

Milk proteins, animal fats, whey protein, soya oil, copra oil, fish oil (source
of DHA), minerals, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS), flavour.

Protein: 33 %
Fat: 39 %
Carbohydrate**: 18.5 mg/kg
Lactose: 18.50 %
Arginine: 2.05 %
Lysine: 2.53 %
Linoleic acid: 3.20 %
Omega 6: 3.30 %
Omega 3: 0.76 %
DHA: 1 000 mg/kg
EPA+DHA: 0.15 %
FOS: 4 800 mg/kg
Calcium: 1.10 %
Phosphorus: 0.80 %
Magnesium: 0.06 %
Sodium: 0.30 %
Metabolisable energy*: 5 590 kcal/kg
Synergistic antioxidant complex:
Vitamin E: 600 mg/kg
Vitamin C: 300 mg/kg
Taurine: 2 500 mg/kg
*According to ATWATER’s equation
**Starch: 0%


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