Eukanuba Puppy Food Medium Breed - Chicken

This Eukanuba Puppy Food provides optimal nutrition and growth for Medium Breed puppies
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Eukanuba Puppy Food Medium Breed - Chicken:@@:

Eukanuba Puppy Medium Breed Dry Food - Chicken
This Eukanuba Puppy Food Recommended For: Puppy medium breed (from 10kg to 25kg and 1-12 months)

Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Dry Food - Sizes Available: 3kg & 15kg bags

In Eukanuba Food Chicken is the n°1 ingredient. Formulated for a Medium Breed puppy’s optimal nutrition

Eukanuba Puppy for Medium Breeds provides optimal nutrition for Medium Breed puppies (adult body weight 11-25kg) It contains high quality ingredients such as animal based protein (chicken is our No 1 ingredient,) fats, carbohydrates and fibres as well as important vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal growth.

Eukanuba Puppy Food Medium Breed Composition:
Dried Chicken And Turkey (33%), Maize, Wheat, Animal Fat, Rice, Dried Beet Pulp (3%), Dried Whole Egg, Chicken Digest, Fish Oil, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Fructooligosaccharides (015%), Calcium Carbonate, Marigold Extract,

Protein                           29.0%
Fat Content                    18.0%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids       2.70%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids       0.45%
DHA                               0.10%
Moisture                         8.00%
Crude Ash                      6.67%
Crude Fibres                   2.50%
Calcium                         1.18%
Phosphorus                    0.91%

Vitamin A (15000 IU/kg), Vitamin D (750 IU/kg), Vitamin E a -Tocopherol (200 mg/kg), ß -Carotene (1 mg/kg)

Trace Elements:
Contain Iron (Ferrous Sulphate), Heptahydrate (234 mg/kg), Zinc (Zinc Oxide 195 mg/kg), Manganese (Manganous Oxide 26 mg/kg), Manganese (Manganous Sulphate), Monohydrate (19 mg/kg), Copper (Cupric Sulphate), Pentahydrate (15 mg/kg), Iodine (Potassium Iodide 3 mg/kg), Cobalt (Basic Cobaltous Carbonate), Monohydrate (0.5 mg/kg)

Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Feeding Guide:

Weight   Feeding (grams/day)   
                1-3 months     3-4 months     5-7 months     8-12 months
1-2kg        100-155g         90-145g           -     95g             -
3-4kg        205-250g        190-230g        125-150g             -  
5-6kg        290-325g        270-305g        175-195g             - 105g
8-10kg      395g -             370-430g        240-275g        125-145g
15-20kg      -                   565g -             360-440g        195-235g
25-30kg *    -                           -                  -               270-305g

Feeding Your Puppy:
•When feeding for the first time gradually introduce Eukanuba into your puppy's diet over a period of 4 days. We recommend feeding your puppy 2-3 times a day.
•Divide the daily amount shown in the chart by the number of meals. This product can also be used during the weaning period from 3-6 weeks. Soak product for weaning. Your puppy may eat more or less depending on age, temperament and activity level.
•For feeding guidelines, see feeding chart. (Represents a day's feeding on average for a 6 month old, 10kg puppy)
•Always have plenty of fresh water available for your dog to drink.
* For puppies with an adult weight > 25kg we recommend feeding Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed.



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