Equi-Salve FR  500g (Horses)
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Equi-Salve FR 500g (Horses)

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Equi-Salve F.R. is a natural anti-bacterial ointment with fly repellent.
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  • Equi-Salve F.R 500g (Horses)
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Equi-Salve F.R. 500g for Horses
Equi-Salve F.R. is a natural anti-bacterial ointment with fly repellent.
Equi-Salve F.R. is a water resistant salve for the maintenance of healthy skin and to aid management of minor cuts and abrasions.
Equi-Salve from VetPlus is an anti-bacterial salve with Citronella formulated for horses that suffer from mud fever and sweet itch. By using Equi-salve, sufferers of these conditions can enjoy a life again as the salve soothes symptoms and helps prevent further episodes. The anti-bacterial properties of the lotion and the inclusion of a natural fly repellent also make it ideal for use in the management of minor cuts and abrasions.
As well as using Equi-Salve FR, horse owners should follow the below guidelines to minimise the risk of injury to their horse:
Stable Fittings – Keep the stable free from sharp edges including doors, hooks and hay racks
Trip Hazards – For example, If you provide a feed in a bucket; remove the handle so your horse doesn’t get stuck in it
Be Prepared – Have a first aid kit handy, or make sure the stables where you keep your horse have one
Fencing – Make sure fences and gates are well kept
Application Guidelines:
Apply Equi-Salve liberally to the affected area and repeat application every 12-24 hours until the condition is resolved.
Equi-Salve FR has a unique water resistant formulation, containing citronella oil and chloroxylenol, which has antimicrobial activity.
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