Derma Gel Ointment 100ml

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Derma Gel is designed to be applied to open wounds of horses, dogs, cats and other animals.
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Derma Gel Ointment 100ml:@@:


Derma Gel is the number one wound care herbal hydrogel - designed to be applied to open wounds of horses, dogs, cats and other animals. Essential for any equine or canine first aid kit. Derma Gel's natural herbal formula provides a barrier against contaminants and bacteria, repels insects and maintains an ideal percentage of moisture to enable rapid healing. Bandaging the affected area is therefore not required.

Veterinus Derma Gel is an isotonic formulation indicated for intensive and rapid wound care. Veterinus Derma GeL ensures a uniform porous barrier of protection against bacterial attack, foreign contaminants, avoiding desiccation and maintaining an ideal percentage of moisture. Ensuring that skin traumas are re-covered by cells genetically and completely identical to the cells that were initially available...

NO proud flesh and NO hair discoloration at regrowth

Best Uses

DermaGel helps provide and maintain a moist wound environment by increasing moisture content, hydrogels have the ability to help cleans and prevent unwanted tissue around a wound.


Effective in hydrating wound surfaces and liquefying necrotic tissue on the wound surface. Non-adherent and can be removed without trauma to the wound bed. "Soothing" effect promotes patient acceptance.

Unlike traditional jars and containers in which you have to dip your fingers and thus contaminate the product with each use, DermaGel's airless dispenser pump prevents air and impurities from entering the tube, thus guaranteeing optimal product stability and activity. This hygienic and practical tube enables you to measure out a dose of gel, according to your needs.

Veterinus Derma GeL is totally devoid of toxic or prohibited substances. It is safe to use in competition, during gestation, when licked...


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