Covetrus NutriCareVet Oral Rehydration Sachets for Cats and Dogs

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NutriCareVet Oral Rehydration Support is a complementary feed powder to restore digestive health in dogs and cats.

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Covetrus NutriCareVet Oral Rehydration Sachets for Cats and Dogs - 10x30g

NutriCareVet Oral Rehydration Sachets contain a tasty powder that provides weak dogs and cats with nutrients which they need to recover. The B Vitamins help to normalise the metabolism. In addition, this rehydration solution is also ideal for animals with digestive disorders that require vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This complete, rich and balanced formulation is ideal for dogs and cats that are debilitated, in need of intensive care or needing to recover from illness.

- Digestive support.
- Reduction of acute intestinal disorders.
- Free from citrate.
- Tasty oral hydration (natural chicken flavor).
- Suitable for dogs and cats of all life stages, breeds and sizes.
- Easily administered.
- Recommended by veterinarians.


Feeding Instructions:
Mix one sachet with 500ml of water.

a) Reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders: Period of use:
From one to two weeks while re-introducing normal food, or use as directed by your veterinarian. Can be administered by a feeding tube or syringe or allow to drink from a bowl. The effect can be observed after a few dats when the enterocytes begin to regenerate as they absorb glutamine.

b) Compensation for maldigestion:
Maldigestion can occur when an animal is sick or hospitalised and is not eating. When an animal isn't eating, it's not getting the essential nutrients it needs for growth, repair and daily activities. The effect of the oral solution should be visible very quickly in the first few days, as the animal receives many essential nutrients that it was previously lacking.

c) As gut support:
This product is designed to provide nutrients to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Period Dosage reconsituted solution per KG Dosage interval
First 12 hours 1ml/kg body weight Every two hours
Next 12 hours 2ml/kg body weight Every two hours
Next 48 hours 3ml/kg body weight Every two hours

d) For therapeutic use:
For dogs and cats suffering from dehydration. If dehydration is suspected, administration according to the following feeding recommendation is recommended. If the animal consumes the recommended amounts, a rehydration effect can be observed within 24 hours.

  Weight Rec. vol. per 24 hours Dosage for oral hydration ml/kg/24hrs
Cats 2-5kg 106-265 53
Small Dogs 2-11kg 84-420 42
Medium Dogs 12-25kg 360-720 30
Large Dogs over 25kg 700> 28


Main Ingredients:
- Dextrose Monohydrate.
- Hydrolyzed Animal Proteins.
- Sodium Chloride.
- Potassium Chloride.
- Beta Glucans.
- Glutamic Acid.


Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

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