Royal Canin Feline Gastro Intestinal (Wet) 48x85g

Royal Canin Feline Gastro Intestinal (Wet) 48x85g

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Royal Canin Feline Gastro Intestinal (Wet) is a complete dietetic feed for the nutritional management of cats, formulated to reduce acute intestinal absorption disorders and promote nutritional restoration and convalescence.
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  • Royal Canin Feline G-I (Gastro-Intest) 48x85g
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Royal Canin Feline Gastro Intestinal (Wet) 48x85g

Veterinary diets are formulated for the nutritional support of cats with specific clinical conditions and are recommended to be used under veterinary advice.  

Intestinal is for the nutritional management of:

- Diarrhoea

- Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

- Maldigestion, malabsorption

- Colitis

- Convalescence

- Bacterial overgrowth

- Anorexia

- Gastritis

Not recommended in cases of:

- Hepatic encephalopathy

- Lymphangiectasia - exudative enteropathy

- Pancreatitis

Available in 85g pouch. Also available: Intestinal Dry.

 For more information on feeding Intestinal to your cat, please consult your veterinary surgeon.



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