Calibra Life Kitten Food Pouches - Salmon (Grain-Free)


Calibra Life meaty pouches for kitten featuring a grain-free recipe with salmon.

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Calibra Life Kitten Food Pouches - Salmon (Grain-Free) 28x85g

Calibra Life Pouches has a recipe with salmon which has been designed for kittens. The compositon of the meaty pouches is grain-free and features high-quality ingredients that ensures not only excellent digestibility, but also high palatability. It is a complete superpremium wet food intended for long-term feeding.

The pouches for kittens are supplemented with Smart Functional Additives, including essential taurine, which has a beneficial effect on the kitten's body.


Age (Months) < 4 4-9 9-12
Daily Consumption (G) 255 295 305


Meat and Animal Derivatives (74% in Fillets*, of which 37.6% Chicken, 24.7% Pork Liver, 7.7% Pork), Fish and Fish Derivatives (14.5% Salmon in Fillets*), 2.2% Minerals, Oils and Fats (1% Linseed Oil), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (0.6% Starch, 0.4% Inulin, 0.4% Fibre), 0.1% Sea Buckthorn.

*Fillets typicalls 34.5% of the product.

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