Active Manuka Honey (various sizes)

Active Manuka Honey is predominantly used for skin treatment in horses, cats and dogs...
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Active Manuka Honey (various sizes):@@:

Active Manuka Honey (Aniwell)

Manuka Honey Sizes Available: 50g, 100g & 500g

Active Manuka Honey is predominantly used for skin treatment in horses, cats and dogs, the products are specifically formulated to:

Protect skin and wounds from sunburn
Minimise skin reactions
Correct damaged skin
Protect irritated skin areas
Be used as a sunblock and for Sun protection
Provide antibacterial cover as a wound dressing
Provide wound protection without a cover dressing necessary

Active Manuka Honey contains the unique compound 'methylglyoxal' that provides a special natural antibacterial function able to block many infectious bacteria.

Manuka Honey Anhydrous Cream 25% (AMH 25% Cream) uses all the known antibacterial benefits of Active Manuka Honey in this easy to administer topical application:

The antibacterial activity of honey is due primarily to enzymically produced Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
There is a NON-PEROXIDE antibacterial substance(s) present in some New Zealand Manuka Honey
NON-PEROXIDE ACTIVITY antibacterial quality is beneficial for topical application and may also control the bacterial invasion of damaged skin.
The advantage of Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream is that it can easily and frequently be applied to minor cuts and damaged skin when external bacterial invasion could be a problem.

How to Use Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream:

Apply directly onto the area requiring care --> Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream will minimize bacterial infection on damaged skin areas.
A dressing is not required to hold the cream in place as it does not warm up and run off • the cream forms a waterproof film over the damaged skin.
Cover with a dressing is necessary only if the animal is likely to be able to reach the wound and lick it off
Active Manuka Honey has a skin soluble surfactant added to maximize surface contact.
Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream should not be used when a sterile dressing is required after surgical procedures

The full benefit of ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY is achieved by:
1. The primary advantage is from the unique Antibacterial effect.  Ideal antibacterial activity is achieved if the Active Manuka Honey is 15+ and above.
2. The Peroxide effect (H2O2)--> this is released from the honey when aqueous (fluid) contact is made (serum production from damaged areas).
3. Honey is a super sugar solution so when applied to damaged skin it draws moisture/fluid from the area (using osmosis) so working as a gentle poultice.

Active Manuka Honey Anhydrous Cream 25% maintains the 3 benefits as outlined above. The Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream has the added advantage that it will adhere, maintaining its form, and cover damaged areas without running off. For skin areas with minor damage, repeated cover applications of Active Manuka Honey Cream will protect and soothe the skin. Application of a dressing or covering the area with a dressing may be required.




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