Tumblefresh Pet Bedding 8.5Ltr (Small Animals & Birds)

Tumblefresh Premium Pet Bedding for Small Animals & Birds.
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Tumblefresh Pet Bedding 8.5Ltr (Small Animals & Birds)

Tumblefresh premium pet bedding

New and improved! Tumblefresh works so much better than traditional bedding and is 250% absorbent!

Now even softer, Tumblefresh now comes in a convenient zip seal 8.5 litre pack. Value-sized 23.5 litre packs are also available.

Tumblefresh is an ultra-absorbent, super-safe bedding for all small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, degus, hedgehogs, mice, rats, ferrets, reptiles and birds. It is also ideal for pets that are being hand reared or require post-operative care.

Tumblefresh is virtually dust free and hypo-allergenic and is, therefore, particularly suitable if your animal has any sort of allergy.

It helps to eradicate odours and lasts longer than traditional bedding. And it is as kind to your pets as it is to the environment! No trees were cut down to make it – which is why the natural colour of Tumblefresh may vary. Tumblefresh is a natural product, made from surplus virgin wood pulp that makes great compost after use.

Helps to eradicate unpleasant pet odours

• Soft and hypo-allergenic

• Really easy to clean out

• Dust extracted

• Highly absorbent

• Environmentally friendly

• With no artificial colours

• Lasts longer than traditional bedding

• Safe and hygienic – heat treated for freshness

• Special new zip seal bag for extra convenience

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