Vetrol VX100 Cohesive Bandage 10cm
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Vetrol VX100 Cohesive Bandage 10cm

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Vetrol Cohesive Bandage allows the skin to breathe while the wound heals.
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  • Vetrol VX100 Cohesive Bandage 10cm
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 Vetrol VX100 Cohesive Bandage 10cm (4")
The cohesive flexible bandage that sticks only to itself and not to hair. The Vetrol Cohesive Bandage allows the skin to breathe while the wound heals. Holds its width even when stretched. Perfect to hold dressings or for a running bandage, leg wrap or tail wrap.
- Protects horses' legs from rundown
- Firmly supports sprains and fractures
- Protects wounds and holds sterile dressings in place
- Applies pressure to inhibit bleeding while flexing enough that, when properly applied with padding, it won't compromise circulation
- Adheres to itself without adhesive—no additional fasteners necessary
- Conforms snugly around contours that are most difficult to bandage
- Accommodates movement without loosening
- Won't stick to hair
- Allows skin to breathe through its cool, lightweight, porous material
- Absorbs virtually no moisture
- Cuts away with scissors without unwrapping
- Waterproof
Available in 6 colours - Black, Blue, Green, Red, White & Yellow.
World leading cohesive bandage, Vetrol brand has become known around the world as the preferred bandaging tape. From racetracks, training centres to large and small animal clinics as the preferred bandage.  Vets, trainers consistently ask for the bandaging tape as this is one of the most adherent self-adhesive wraps on the market, providing excellent support, protection and peace of mind.
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