Easeflex Plus Chews 120's (Dogs)

Easeflex Plus Chews 120's (Dogs)

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Easeflex Plus Chews - The tasty way to soothe stiff joints and maintain mobility.
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  • Easeflex Plus Chews 120's (Dogs)
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Easeflex Plus Chews (now with Green Lipped Mussel) - Tasty Dog Joint and Mobility Chews

are soft textured chews with natural meat flavours that dogs relish.

Easeflex Chews are palatable treats containing, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM and Green Lipped Mussel. It provides valuable nutrients to soothe stiff joints and help maintain mobility.

Easeflex Plus chews are composed of a highly tasty, meat flavoured and soft textured, base that dogs eagerly accept over a prolonged period. Easeflex chews are readily digested and can be fed as a treat following or during a meal, even to ageing pets with dental problems.

A high degree of individual response has been noted amongst pets given joint supplements. It is normal to feed a double amount of joint nutrients for the first six weeks of the programme, reducing the amount thereafter. Normal caution should be given in pets with a history of diabetes, metabolic disorders causing hyparglycaemia, urinary tract stones or allergies to shellfish.

Each EaseFlex chew contains:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate 400mg
MSM (Meth-sulphonyl-methane) 500mg
Green Lipped Mussel
Ascorbate (as Manganese Ascorbate) 66mg
Manganese (as Manganese Ascorbate) 10mg

In a base containing: fish oil, vegetable oil, natural beef flavour and natural liver flavour.

Easeflex smell great and dogs love them!!

Easeflex dosage:

1st 6 weeks

1/4 - 2 tablets twice daily according to bodyweight
Next 3 weeks 1/4 - 3 tablets once daily
Ongoing maintenance 1/4 - 2 tablets daily Under 5kg 1/4 morning and evening for 1st 6 weeks Next 3 weeks 1/4 in the morning
Ongoing 1/4 morning or evening.

5kg - 12.5kg

1/2 morning and evening for 1st 6 weeks
Next 3 weeks 1/2 in the morning
Ongoing 1/2 morning or evening

12.5kg - 25kg

1 morning and evening for 6 weeks
Next 3 weeks 1 morning and 1/2 in the evening
Ongoing 1 morning or evening

25kg - 50kg

2 morning and 1 evening for 6 weeks
Next 3 weeks 1 morning and 1 evening
Ongoing 1 to 1 1/2 morning or evening

Over 50kg

2 morning and 2 eveing for 6 weeks
Nex 3 weeks 2 morning and 1 evening
Ongoing 2 morning or evening

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