O'TOM Tick Removal Hooks

O'TOM Tick Removal Hooks

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The O'TOM Tick Remover hooks allow the easy removal of ticks from the skin of both animals and people.
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The O'TOM Tick Remover Hooks allow the easy removal of ticks from the skin of both animals and people.

Forget about trying to burn them off or soak them in alcohol, these tick hooks work very well and are a real improvement in handling ticks.

Who needs them and why:
  • Tick Remover Hooks can be used equally well for walkers, runners, mountain bikers, pet owners or their pets! Can be used on rabbits, horses, cats, dogs and even hedgehogs.Take them when you go out dog walking or running in the countryside.
  • Simple to use and small enough that they fit anywhere. Carry your Tick Removal Hook in your wallet, car, first aid kit, rucksack, handbag or bumbag. Take them with you when you travel. Take them orienteering or fell running especially if there are deer about.
  • Sold in singles, O'TOM Tick Removal Hooks are currently the most efficient tool to remove ticks. Any size and location, without leaving the mouth-parts planted in the skin. They will not compress the abdomen of the tick so minimizing the transfer of infections,  such as Lyme's disease or babesiosis. Ticks are removed alive, without pain to the subjest, within a few seconds.
  • Pet owners, fell runners, orienteers, walkers and runners should be on guard for these silent parasites! They can even bite you through thin clothing...
How To Use:
  • Choose the most suitable hook, according to the size of the tick.
  • Engage the hook by approaching the tick from the side (the body of a tick is flat) until it is held. Lift the hook very lightly and TURN then hook (screwing or unscrewing).
  • The tick detaches by itself after 2 or 3 rotations, to come away intact.
Why you need one:
  • In a recent paper in the Veterinary Record (* see below)  both owners and vets preferred the O'TOM Tick Removal Hooks when tested against 3 other devices.
  • O'Tom Tick Removal Hooks are very well designed and I have used them for years. Compared to other tools/gadgits they are my most trusted.
  • Lyme's disease is being seen with increasing freqency, most likely due to global warming, particularly in the Northern Europe, the Highlands and the South West. It is not simple to treat so removing the ticks cleanly really helps to prevent the transfer of infections.

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