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  • YuDIGEST for Dogs (formerly Yumpro BioActiv digestive supplement)
YuDIGEST for Dogs (formerly Yumpro BioActiv digestive supplement)
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YuDIGEST for Dogs (formerly Yumpro BioActiv digestive supplement)

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  • YuDIGEST for Dogs (formerly Yumpro BioActiv digestive supplement)
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Lintbells YuDIGEST Tablets (formerly Yumpro BioActiv) Digestive Supplement for Dogs & Cats

YuDIGEST Dog Tablets are a unique complex of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria specifically developed to actively support your dog’s digestive health.
Probiotics for dogs with sensitive digestion

YuDigest Digestive Supplement Tablets are available in: 60's, 120's and 300's

Suitable for dogs and cats
Supports digestive health
Keeps stools firm
Reduces excess wind
Contains BioActiv complex – active ingredients at levels scientifically proven to support digestive health.
Increases good bacteria
How does YuDIGEST work?  
YuDIGEST is packed with the finest quality active ingredients to help keep your pet’s tummy in tip-top shape. Our unique BioActiv supplements bolster the natural population of health-protecting bacteria in your pet’s digestive system. They compete with ‘bad’ bacteria for nutrients and block points where the pathogens try to attach. Meanwhile, prebiotics – a special type of carbohydrate – benefit your pet by supporting ‘good’ bacteria. Each tablet provides probiotic E. faecium good bacteria, plus a BioActiv prebiotic complex of MOS, scFOS and Beta Glucans. These active ingredients work together to maintain a healthy natural balance in your pet’s digestive system to keep their tummies on track.
YuDIGEST and YuDIGEST Plus work together to restore and maintain digestion. Turn to YuDIGEST Plus to help your pet get back to normal if they have a major upset – then try YuDIGEST every day to support digestive health, keep stools firm and increase ‘good’ bacteria in the gut.
Remember if you're using YuDIGEST Dog - keep a pack of YuDIGEST PLUS for Dogs close by for fast-acting support for troubled tummies. Always helpful if you're going away and on the move.
YuDIGEST is a tasty tablet, so you can give it to your pet whenever is most convenient –either with their meal, or like a treat during the day. Even picky eaters take it well, though you can also grind up and add to their food, if you prefer.
Daily Feeding Guide    Daily Amount    
     How Many Days will Pack last?      
Small Dog
(up to 10kg)
1 Tablet60120300
Med Dog
2 Tablets3060150
Large Dog
3 Tablets2040100
XL Dogs
(over 40kg)
4 Tablets153075

5 signs of digestive upsets in dogs and cats:
Loose or runny stools
Lots of wind
Poor appetite
Dull coat
Poor overall health
Tummy upsets are all too common in dogs and cats – and can be caused by change of diet, stress, scavenging or difficulty digesting food. But thankfully, probiotics for pets can really help.

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