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  • Johnson's Diagel Dual Action for Small/Medium Dogs
Johnson's Diagel Dual Action for Small/Medium Dogs
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Johnson's Diagel Dual Action for Small/Medium Dogs

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Johnson's Diagel Dual Action for dogs aids constipation & digestive disorders
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  • Johnson's Diagel Dual Action for Small/Medium Dogs
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Johnson's Veterinary Diagel Dual Action for Small/Medium Dogs 

Johnson's Diagel is for Small & Medium dogs over 12 weeks of age.  Diagel is a dual action aid for digestive disorders & to help restore natural bowel movement.  Diagel also helps with loose bowel movement and helps to soften solid stools.

Johnsons Diagel is for Dogs up to 10kg (contains 2 x 10g Sachet)

How does Diagel work?

Diagel contains fibres which help to reduce the liquid content of faeces, improves stool consistency and supports the restoration of water balance, helping to restore normal bowel movement.

Also, the fibres help to soften solid stools and assist elimination.

Diagel also contains vitamins and minerals which help restore the balance of electrolytes and glucose during recovery from disorders.

It is not uncommon for your cat to suffer from different types of Digestive disorders, fortunately, acting quickly can help them.

Directions for Use:

Diagel may be given with food twice daily or dissolved in warm water - 5g of Diagel per 125ml water.

Dog - Very Small - (3-6kg)                     1/4 sachet (2.5g)      Twice Daily
Dog - Small/Medium - (up to 10kg)       1/2 sachet (5g)         Twice Daily

Food/water containing Diagel should be eaten/drunk immediately after mixing.  Leftover mix should be thrown away.  Always ensure pets have a constant supply of water.

Use for 24-48 hours.  If the disorder has not improved/subsided after this time, consult a Veterinary Surgeon as the symptoms may indicate a more serious condition.  Consult a Veterinary Surgeon if puppies & kittens are under 12 weeks of age.

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