Calibra HA Adult Cat Food - Chicken

Calibra HA Adult Cat Food - Chicken

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Calibar Cat Food is Super premium, hypoallergenic food for adult cats, complete and dietetically well balanced.
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  • Calibra HA Adult Cat Food - Chicken
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Calibra for adult cats of all breeds.

Calibra Cat Food is Super premium, hypoallergenic food for adult cats. The feed is complete and dietetically well balanced. It has nutritiously well-rounded ingredients from chicken meat, which is a good quality source of proteins and guarantees high digestibility and tastiness. Another essential ingredient in this Cat Food is rice, which is rich in carbohydrates and which does not contain nearly any fat at all. Rice also energizes the cats’ organism with long lasting energy. The formula contains the right proportion of minerals and organic micro-elements that prevent the origin of tartar. The Calibar Adult Cat Food formula contains prebiotics in form of extracts from special yeast cells, which support the health of the intestinal micro flora and strengthen the immune system.

Calibra HA Adult Cat Food is available in: 2kg & 7kg bags

Calibra Adult HA Cat Food:-

boosts the immune system

prevention of disease of the excretory tract

teeth care
health and vitality

Calibra Adult Cat Composition:
chicken meat, rice, corn, chicken fat (protected by thocopherols, source of vitamin E), salmon oil, hydrolyzed chicken protein, natural flavours, dried apples, ale yeasts, yucca extracts (80 mg/kg), minerals, mannanoligosaccharides (150 mg/kg), fructooligosaccharides (100 mg/kg).

Adult Cat Food Feeding Guide:

Recommended daily portion in grams
Weight       2–3 kg       3–5 kg       5–7 kg        gravidity 
g/day          45–55        55–87       87–130        90–130

Calibra Cat is a super-premium hypoallergenic pet food, which is dietetically well balanced with emphasis on highquality ingredients as well as being health beneficial and well digestible with a high proportion of animal proteins.

Cats are generally very picky, therefore the deciding attribute for them eating their food is its taste and smell. We focused on these properties and we hope that out effort is going to be appreciated mainly by your pets and their discerning little tongues.



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