Calibra EN HouseCat Food (Chicken & Duck)

Calibra HouseCat is for adult cats living indoors and cats with risk of Hairball formation
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Calibra EN HouseCat Food (Chicken & Duck):@@:

Calibra EN HOUSECAT FOOD - Duck & Rice

Calibra Cat Expert Nutrition HouseCat is a complete dry food for adult indoor cats.

Calibra EN Housecat Food available in: 2kg & 7kg bags
Calibra Cat Housecat is a hypoallergenic dry food designed primarily for adult cats that live indoors. The increased fibre content of this recipe reduces hairball formation. This complete superpremium food with a high chicken and duck content and a low grain content is suitable for very finicky cats as well as cats with sensitive digestive systems.  At the same time they supply the organism with good quality proteins and carbohydrates. Salmon oil and chelated zinc generate healthy skin, shiny hair and support the immune system. Yucca extract reduces the bad smell of excrements. The formula contains prebiotics in form of extracts from special yeast cells, which support the health of the intestinal micro flora and strengthen the immune system.

Calibra EN Housecat Food:-
High chicken and duck meat content, low grain content (only rice)
Prebiotics, dried apples, and yucca extract promote good digestion without flatulence and digestive problems
Balanced nutrients and reduced calories for attaining and maintaining optimal weight

Calibra Cat EN Food Housecat Composition:

dehydrated chicken (18 %), rice, rice bran, duck meal (10 %), dehydrated apple, turkey meal (6 %), poultry fat (preserved with natural tocopherols), hydrolysed chicken protein (4 %), dried beet pulp, salmon oil (2 %), hydrolysed chicken liver (2 %), yeast, dehydrated blueberries, dehydrated black currant, prebiotics (mannan-oligosaccharides 120 mg/kg, fructo-oligosaccharides 80 mg/kg), yucca extract (70 mg/kg).

Housecat Cat Food Feeding Guide:

Recommended daily portion in grams
Weight       2kg       3kg       5kg       7kg
g/day          45         55         85         105

Calibra Cat is a super-premium hypoallergenic pet food, which is dietetically well balanced with emphasis on highquality ingredients as well as being health beneficial and well digestible with a high proportion of animal proteins.

Cats are generally very picky, therefore the deciding attribute for them eating their food is its taste and smell. We focused on these properties and we hope that out effort is going to be appreciated mainly by your pets and their discerning little tongues.



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