Bob Martin Flea Clear Spray (Dogs & Home) 300ml

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The only spray you need to control fleas and ticks on your dog in the home.
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Description:@@:Bob Martin Flea Clear Spray (Dogs & Home)

The only spray you need to control fleas and ticks on your dog in the home.

Contains no pesticides which means:
  • Fleas cannot build up resistance to it as it works mechanically
  • Can be used at the same time as Bob Martin Flea Tablets
It is safe:
  • Safe to use on dogs around the home
  • Safe in homes with children and pregnant women
  • It it not absorbed through the skin
Fast acting, stops fleas biting and protects your pet & home for up to 4 weeks.

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How It Works:@@:Unlike sprays that contain pesticides which poison the flea, Flea Clear Spray works mechanically in encasing and trapping the flea in a sticky trap so the become immobile at every part of the flea cycle. The spray contains a silicone, namely dimethicone.
  • Fleas - The flea cannot feed - They are helpless and stuck!
  • Eggs - The eggs become sealed
  • Larvae - They can no longer move to dark places to develop
  • Pupae - They are sealed and cannot hatch
(Pupae in their cocoon are the most protected element of the cycle. Pesticide sprays cannot penetrate and therefore they still hatch)

Directions:  Shake the spray gently immediately prior to use.

For your Dog:  Brush the coat against the lay to expose the skin.  Spray the flea spray from a distance of approximately 10cm, avoiding all sensitive areas, in particular eyes & ears.  Pay attention to the base of the tail and around the neck area where fleas tend to congregate.  Use 2 pumps per kilo of body weight.  It is easier to treat your dog in the evening and to allow the coat to dry overnight.  Brush the coat the following day to remove any flea debris.  The product will leave a silky film on the coat but this is perfectly safe.

For your Home:  Before spraying on carpets and soft furnishings test a small inconspicuous area to test for compatibility.  Spray the Flea & Tick Spray from a distance of 30cm, applying 17 pumps uniformly across each square metre of surface.  Avoid spraying onto wooden and laminate floors as this product will make the flooring slippery.

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